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    We help discerning shoppers find sustainable clothing at an affordable price

    If you think it’s way too hard to find well-made clothes, you'd be right. The impact of fast fashion is well documented:

    • We throw out our clothes constantly. Cheap clothes fall apart quickly and contribute to 25 billion pounds of threads tossed by Americans annually.
    • Toxic dyes are not good for us. Cheap, toxic dyes absorb into our skin even after several washes and can cause skin irritation.
    • Manufacturing exploits workers and the planet. Making clothes is hard. A typical garment changes hands 7-10 times. To keep costs down, most workers are only paid pennies and chemicals are dumped in waterways instead of being properly treated.

    Well-made wear lasts longer and is better for the planet. There are hundreds of brands designing quality clothing while treating workers ethically and staying committed to eco-friendly manufacturing. We call this sustainable clothing. We want to make it simple and affordable for you to shop for these incredible brands.

    We’ve thoughtfully designed a store that we hope match the craftsmanship of the designers we’ve partnered with. Well-made products delivered in a unique shopping experience.

    We're here to help and we look forward to getting to know you!



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